Demo/Sales Reps

We are often asked: " Do you send out demos?" or "Where can I try your mics?"

Unfortunately we do not send out demos as they have in the past never come back.

On the where to try one question; The only place currently you can try the microphones is in the Los Angeles California area. Since we are a direct seller, we have chosen to not have the microphones in retail stores to keep the prices very low. This of course means that you will ultimately have to listen to our samples and videos and make a leap of faith on the purchase. But we can tell you we have never had a microphone returned to us after a purchase in over ten years of business. Not once.

You can schedule a demo appointment in the LA area .

Txt us at 949 302 0999
Calls will not get answered due to the overwhelming amount of spam calls lately.
Send us a message first if you want to chat on the phone so we know your number.