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Humble Beginnings

Early on we had built a handful of custom microphones on request. More or less an experimentation period which resulted in a basis for the microphone models today.

The Nidarosdomen

The Nidarosdomen was done for a client in Norway. This is basically a Regensburg with a nice Jensen Cap on the output. It is also done in an exact replica of the U47 body which I had custom nickel plated. This is hands down the best sounding microphone I had ever made at the time. After a few more tweaks it would soon become the Notre Dame

Basilica Sancti Petri

I was asked to do basically a point-to-point version on the Regensburg Dom. I also wanted to use a much larger Capacitor on the output, so I needed a much larger chassis. This one has a Jensen output cap.

Saint Mary's

This is my take on the Manley Reference microphone. I always liked the way their microphone used both sides of the tube for two gain stages. With a 10:1 Lundhal output and a c37 type capsule it sounds very much like the original.


This is another point to point job of the famous DIY G7 design with a few twists thrown in for fun. The capsule is a k47 type. It has a very unique and interesting sound to it.